349: Word of the Year 2018

What were the words that marked our year?

Daniel was there for the serious, the social, and the silly at the American Dialect Society’s annual Word of the Year vote.

Hedvig and Daniel discuss all the words on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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349: Words of the Year 2018

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Show notes

American Dialect Society: 2018 Word of the Year is tender-age shelter as voted by American Dialect Society (PDF)

“Single-Use” Really Is the Word of the Year We Deserve – VICE

‘Floss’, ‘VAR’ & ‘Vegan’ – #CollinsWOTY 2018 is here! – New on the blog – Word Lover’s blog – Collins Dictionary

90.5% of Plastic Has Never Been Recycled | The Inertia

‘Toxic’ Is Oxford’s Word of the Year. No, We’re Not Gaslighting You.

‘Misinformation’ is crowned Dictionary.com’s word of the year – CNN

Australian National Dictionary Centre’s Word of the Year 2018 | Ozwords

Canberra Bubble named 2018 Word of the Year by Australian National Dictionary Centre – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“Canberra bubble” coined word of the year | SBS News

“Misinformation” is Dictionary.com”s word of the year | Poynter

‘Misinformation’ picked as word of the year by Dictionary.com | Science | The Guardian

‘Justice’ Prevails as 2018 Word of the Year

German language association names “Hot Age” Word of the Year in nod to climate change | Clean Energy Wire

The words that defined 2018 – Columbia Journalism Review

“We Need Wall”: Why Kirstjen Nielsen Sounds Like the Hulk – The Atlantic

Pelosi on Trump: We could plant flowers on border and he’d say, ‘I got my wall’ | Chicago Sun-Times

Trump says he’s a nationalist: What it means, why it’s controversial

‘Use That Word!’: Trump Embraces the ‘Nationalist’ Label

Talk of a ‘Whitelash’ Revives a 1960s Term – WSJ

What is blackfishing? | The Week UK

“Blackfishing”: A problematic trend where people pretend to be black – National | Globalnews.ca

Everything you need to know about the catfishing epidemic | Digital Trends

What Is “Big D*ck Energy”? Pete Davidson Has The Internet Obsessed

The meaning of BDE, or Big Dick Energy, explained – Vox

St Kilda beach rally: far-right and anti-racism groups face off in Melbourne | Australia news | The Guardian

Detecting ‘deepfake’ videos in the blink of an eye


Coming soon.


  1. Racially charged. I have seen it used in a context that is not racist but racial. Like “Liquor stores in my area are all run by Sihks.” (Sihks being a religion not a race is a whole different issue.) This is a factual statement that was started 50 years ago by certain tax laws and then continued by cultural momentum. It’s not racist but its kneejerks a lot of people. I understand “racially charged” as something that is race adjacent that may upset people because of the adjacency.

  2. “Deleted family unit” is a good term because some people need to be removed from what you consider family. My 12 year old cousin was very very (worse then I’m willing to type) bad raped and murdered by someone her grandmother was friends with. That deleted family unit tried to excuse his action by calling her a “slut” . Sometimes people need to be straight removed.

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