Dolphins are known for their squeaky calls, but now it appears that these clever mammals of the sea can call each other by name.

What is their communication system like, and how does this compare with human language?

Linguist Daniel Midgley explores undersea linguistics on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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There are two things I really don’t like. One is new age woo, and the other is lazy claims about language being used by animals. This episode has them both! But I managed to keep my calm, dispassionate nature intact. With science!

Here’s the video of the minions. It makes sense if you listen.

Show notes

There’s a little bit of Tagalog in them thar Minions.

Looks like Tagalog to me.

A little more

The director and voice artist explains.

Benny Lava

Dolphins appear to use a unique whistle as a name.
LA Times:,0,1462053.story

The full article

Hear some whistles

There’s some real dolphin woo out there. Here’s a rank example. Don’t swallow it.

This is a laundry list of all the terrible pseudo-science related to the animal language topic.

Chomsky isn’t too keen on it either—-.htm

“Dolphin-Assisted Therapy” is pseudo-science

Dolphins have big brains

They pass the mirror test

and maybe learn things culturally

Although you could make the same claim about whales

So are they using a language?

Probably not, but referring to things is still cool.

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‘Girl and the Sea’ by the Presets
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‘Undersea Community’ by the Avalanches
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