It’s not just about the covfefe.

This week, we are buried under an avalanche of words, and we’re trying to dig ourselves out. Yes, covfefe happened, but Wonder Woman has also given rise to an ascendant gynocracy. And what about that spelling bee?

Daniel, Kylie, and Ben are looking at all the words on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Research shows prejudice, not principle, often underpins ‘free-speech defense’ of racist language

Gretchen McColloch: Herefefe is why it’s toughfefe to say ‘covfefe’

How the hell do you pronounce ‘Covfefe’? Our nation is divided.

How Do You Correctly Pronounce “Covfefe”?

How to make covfefe

Sean Spicer just had the worst possible answer to the “covfefe” question

Sean Spicer says ‘covfefe’ wasn’t a typo: Trump knew ‘exactly what he meant’

Spicer’s Razor: How the White House press secretary turned “covfefe” into a covfspiracy

Trump fans have convinced themselves ‘covfefe’ was a secret Arabic message against terrorism

Is ‘Covfefe’ Arabic for ‘I Will Stand Up’? (No.)

Levenshtein demo

Covfefe, the song

Alamo Drafthouse Apologizes for Starting Manpocalypse With Women-Only Screening

“Wonder Woman” Female-Only Screenings Receive Formal Civil Rights Complaint

Two Human Rights Complaints Have Been Filed Over Alamo Drafthouse’s Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings

National Spelling Bee champ clinches title with ‘marocain’

Guardian: Scripps National Spelling Bee 2017: championship finals – as it happened

Video: Ananya Vinay goes NUTS when she wins the Scripps National Spelling Bee 2017

Scripps Spelling Bee: Take the Test

The 35 words you’re (probably) getting wrong

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