Episode 265: Universal Grammar 2 (featuring Dan Everett and Lynne Murphy)

The biggest idea in linguistics is back on the table.

Is there such a thing as the Universal Grammar? Do you have to have a human brain to learn language, or is learning a language just like learning anything else? And are one man’s insights into Amazonian languages sufficient to demolish this theoretical edifice?

Linguists Dan Everett and Lynne Murphy talk to Daniel, Ben, and Kylie on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Interview with Dan Everett 2016-10-07 (complete)

Cutting Room Floor 265: Universal Grammar 2

265: Universal Grammar 2 (featuring Dan Everett and Lynne Murphy) [128kbps] (for everyone)

Show notes

Warning: Bad linguistics alert

‘Th’ sound to vanish from English language by 2066 because of multiculturalism, say linguists

Here’s how the English language could sound incredibly different in 50 years

Our accents are under threat: dialects may die as computers strip the beauty from language

It’s the end of the frog and toad for regional slang, says report


Better linguistics alert

Researchers are using an app to crowdsource how the English language has changed

How do you say ‘scone’? English regional accents decline as ‘southern’ accent becomes widespread

How London has killed off elements of local dialects across England – in seven maps

New Scientist: The Electric Kool-Aid language test

Dan Everett: Who’s afraid of the big bad Wolfe? Apparently everyone.

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

A banner day for profanity

An Oxford linguist on the dangers of dismissing comments about sexual assault as “locker-room talk”

“Locker room” language encourages rape culture, even if it stays private

Lynne Murphy on Twitter: @lynneguist

Lynne’s blog: Separated by a Common Language

Linguistics explains why Trump sounds racist when he says “the” African Americans

Everything that was said at the second Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton debate, highlighted

“open mic” and “on the mic”

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