Are you concerned about encroaching Americanism?

Do you worry that words like ketchup and zee will destroy the Australian way of life?

Well, don’t worry; language change works both ways. Americans are picking up words and phrases from Australia. But which ones?

Daniel Midgley looks at Australianisms with author Ben Yagoda on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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People in Australia get kind of funny about using expressions from America. They do it anyway, but it gives them weird feels. So I’m presenting this podcast as a public service: Americans are using Australian expressions in great numbers. Author Ben Yagoda has been tracking these things, so I’m very pleased to be able to discuss it with him.

And while I had him on the line, I got him to impart some tips for writing. He’s the author of How to Not Write Bad.

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Show notes

Ben Yagoda

Author of the blog ‘Not One Off Britishisms’

and the book ‘How to Not Write Bad’

His grammar advice: I endorse it.

‘No worries’ is getting more popular

Flat out with work?

Suss out

Britishisms are getting popular in the USA

Show tunes

‘Apocalypse Dreams’ by Tame Impala
from the album Lonerism

‘Writings on the Wall’ by The Album Leaf
from the album Into the Blue Again