Apple’s Siri software has put automatic speech recognition back in the news.

We finish our two-part discussion with stupid Siri tricks, and some ways that Siri has become embroiled in controversy. And why is Siri female?

UWA linguist Daniel Midgley will try to assist on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Siri remembers relationships

and is good for answering silly questions.

Siri has balked at giving good information about abortion providers

but Apple says it’s just a software glitch.

Clifford Nass talks about computer voices and gender.

He points out that people treat computers like they’re people (paywall)

There’s been an experiment with trivia questions that shows that people are more likely to be swayed by a male voice (but men are slightly less susceptible). (paywall)

But if you want Siri to be a guy, here’s how to do it:

Google probably wasn’t censoring “Islam is…” suggestions.