Why does everyone ❤️ and 😡 emoji?

Emoji have been received enthusiastically in our electronic communication, and yet complaints about them continue. Is there anything wrong with using them? Are they really the equivalent of modern-day hieroglyphics? Do they represent a step backwards?

Daniel and Ben speak with digital communications expert Vyvyan Evans, author of The Emoji Code, on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

AP style change: Singular they is acceptable ‘in limited cases’

Question from ACES2015: Is it time to accept ‘they’ as a singular pronoun?

Controversy over emojis used in NAPLAN practice questions

Emojis in sample NAPLAN test cause alarm amongst educators | Herald Sun

NAPLAN: using emoji to test English | The Courier-Mail

Professor Vyvyan Evans

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Emojipedia: Exploding Head

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Historical Thesaurus of English: Words for underwear

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