They’ll, we’ve, you’re, and even ain’t.

This week, we’re having contractions, but not the muscular kind — the word kind! We squash words together all the time, but why? And how well can you recognise them?

Daniel, Kylie, and Ben are gonna find out on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

The Oxford comma: Do you or don’t you?

Oxford commas, Nelson Mandela, and Stephen King

The Best Shots Fired in the Oxford Comma Wars

An Oxford comma changed this court case completely

A Missing Oxford Comma Just Changed the Course of a Court Case

Infographic: The Oxford comma debate

Wikipedia: Contraction (grammar)

Major Trends in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics 1 (increased use of –n’t; interesting charts)
Google Books link


The Story of Ain’t

The Cockney and His Dialect

London dialect in Dickens

Online Etymology Dictionary: won’t

Why Does “Will Not” Become “Won’t”?

Online Etymology Dictionary: contraction

Word lengths are optimized for efficient communication

Why “won’t” isn’t “willn’t”

Throw Mama From the Train: Favorite Line

(principle of) least effort [Zipf’s Law]

Understanding Zipf’s Law

The mystery of Zipf

A mysterious law that predicts the size of the world’s biggest cities

Applying Zipf’s Law to galaxies

Wikipedia: List of placeholder names by language

UD: doovalacky

MW: doohickey

Chuck Berry, rock ‘n’ roll icon, dead at 90

How Chuck Berry Wrote “Johnny B. Goode” and Created the First Rock and Roll Guitar Hero

Sister Rosetta Tharpe Biography

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain

Vapour Trails: Revisiting Shoegaze

List of rock genres

Music Genres List

Our Least Favorite Genre Names

Can -core survive normcore?

Slutwave, Tumblr Rap, Rape Gaze: Obscure Musical Genres Explained

Eminem and The Beatles: The Top-Selling Artists of the 2000s

Google Ngram Viewer: on / in an island
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