Many of us turn to Wikipedia when learning about something new.

And most major languages have their own Wikipedia. But wikis also come in a few unexpected flavours, including Latin, Old English, and even a few constructed languages.

Linguist Daniel Midgley volunteers the information on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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It all started when my friend Ash showed me the Anglish Moot, which is the Wiki for the constructed language Anglish. I thought it was fascinating. I’ve sometimes wondered what English would be like if we only had Germanic words, and here someone’s gone and answered our question. How about that.

From there, I got interested in other non-English Wiki(pedia)s, so I decided to make this episode about other ones out there, including Simple English, Old English, Tok Pisin, Pig Latin, and Klingon. Yes, that’s right: Pig Latin.

Show notes

There are lots of Wikipedias out there.

All the text and HTML takes about 7.9 GB.

Latin Wikipedia

Latin Wikipedians tell all

There’s also Tok Pisin.

This is the Tok Pisin Wikipedia page for Linguistics.

About Lojban

The Lojban Wikipedia is completely beyond me.

The Pig Latin Wikipedia never really got off the ground.

But there is an unofficial one on Wikia. I hit the Andomray Agepay, which gave me the page for the Unitedway Atesstay.

And Klingon

Old English Wiki

About Anglish

The page for ‘science’, or in Anglish, ‘lore’

List of lores

Here’s the Simple English Wikipedia page, explaining the Theory of Relativity.

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