Do you know what doctors are really saying?

How about tech support people? Or butchers? They’ve all got their own jargon that they use to communicate amongst themselves — or to exclude.

Linguist Daniel Midgley helps you crack the code on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Google’s diverse emoji for women at work approved by Unicode Consortium

Google’s New Emoji Aimed At Promoting Gender Equality Are Coming

Apple creates mysterious ‘eye in speech bubble’ emoji for release in iOS 9.1

Apple Creates New ‘Eye in Speech Bubble’ Emoji For Release in iOS 9.1

Emoji ZWJ Sequences: Three Letters, Many Possibilities

In Praise of Emoji as Tactful Conversation-Enders

Dr Brian Goldman: The Secret Language of Doctors

Dr Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?

Secret languages of doctors, waiters, flight attendants, butchers and teachers

Behind that tray of snags, there’s a rehctub talking backwards

The secret language of butchers

Back Slang: Butchering the Language

The Secret Language Of Flight Attendants Is Your New Inflight Entertainment

The secret language of hotel staff

The secret language of Disney cast members and what all these strange words mean

The Secret Sign Language of 1970’s Sawmill Workers were expressed through Gestures?

Eddie McGuire joked about drowning a woman on Triple M radio

Eddie McGuire in hot water over Caroline Wilson ice pool gibe

YouTube: Steve Price calls Van Badham ‘hysterical’ on Q and A

Q&A recap: Steve Price’s ‘hysterical’ insult prompts a mic drop from Van Badham

Van Badham: I’m still reeling from Q&A – but not because I was called ‘hysterical’

#MyOvariesMadeMe: Van Badham retort trends after heated exchange with Steve Price on Q&A

Etymonline: hysterical

5 Reasons To Stop Calling Women Crazy

‘It’s just a joke’: the subtle effects of offensive language

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