Recent work in genetics has revealed that all non-African people are related to Neanderthals, a now-extinct species of human.

If there was interbreeding between us, how would they have communicated? Did Neanderthals have language, and what might it have been like?

UWA linguist Daniel Midgley goes back in time on this week’s Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Non-African DNA has Neanderthal sequences, so, you know, stuff was going on there.

But sadly, we probably pushed them over the brink.

They had a FOXP2 gene

a Broca’s area

and like us, a lot of them were right-handers

The seminal article from Philip Lieberman, who argues that their vocal tract was too short for them to talk (PDF):

but then not everyone agrees. (PDF)

A pretty good review (PDF):