338: Signed Language (featuring Ulrike Zeshan and Christy Filipich)

The International Day of Signed Languages is upon us.

If we could look at all the signed languages in the world, what would they have in common? What misconceptions do hearing people have? And what is International Sign?

It’s all on this …

337: Getting the Bias out of Data (featuring Rob Speer and Kai-Wei Chang)

People are biased. And computers learn from people.

That means our data is biased, and in a big data world, that can cause big problems.

But researchers are finding ways to turn down the bias in a dataset. We’re talking …

336: Kinship Terms

What do you call your family members? No, I don’t mean like that.

We’re talking about kinship terms.
How does your language handle family relations?
Do you call your grandmothers on your mom and dad’s side the same thing?
What’s …

335: One Hundred Things (featuring Emily Bender)

Language is tough. Unless you’re a human! If you’re a computer, it’s another story.

Fortunately, one professor is taking on the task of helping computational researchers understand how semantics informs human communication.

We’re having a chat with Emily Bender of …

334: Mailbag of Darkness

It’s time once again to dig into our overflowing mailbag.

  • What’s the difference between a hill, a mountain, and a mount?
  • Why do we seem to add a negative suffix to positive words, and not the other way around?
  • And

Radiothon 2018 special


Show notes

333: When Sapir Met Whorf (featuring Mikael Parkvall and Östen Dahl)

Would you think differently if you spoke a different language? And does the structure of your language have any perceptible effect on your behaviour?

We’re revisiting the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis. Is this an idea that’s coming in from the cold? …

332: Social (featuring Ketan Joshi, live at Disrupted 2018)

The Talk the Talk team is taking their show to the Disrupted Festival, and they’re chatting with internet influencer Ketan Joshi about data privacy, science advocacy, and changing minds. Plus their usual antics, games, and the dreaded Words of the …

Solo shows mid-2018

We’re on our customary mid-year hiatus, but Daniel’s still having a great time in the studio, taking your questions, playing tracks, and talking about whatever’s happening in the world of language.

We’re thinking of putting together a best-of for the …

331: Koko

Koko the Gorilla has passed away.

Koko was claimed to have learned words through modified sign language, and even spoken English. But how do these claims stack up? What was she able to do, and what does this teach us …

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