Some people talk to their plants, but are the plants saying anything back?

New research indicates that plants are making sounds that other plants can respond to. What does this mean for our view of language? Does this mean plants are animals? And can they learn?

UWA biologist Monica Gagliano vegges out in the studio with Daniel and Ben on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Monica Gagliano finds out about plants that make make and react to sounds

They can also learn, and retain what they learn.

Popular news items sure do lean on the ‘talking’ angle.

A bit on Cleve Backster, who thought that plants could read minds. His conclusions have not been replicated.

French borrows a lot from English. Now we can export our spelling problems onto them! And this will make Ben very happy. (PDF)

Links for “relooking”

English words of French origin

French people don’t say ‘encore’.

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‘Charming Birds from Trees’ by Snowbird
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‘Green Aisles’ by Real Estate
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