How do you convince others of your views when the facts are overwhelmingly against you?

If you’re one of the many hoaxers, cranks, and denialists out there, you use language. What rhetorical tactics do they rely on, and how can you spot them?

Skeptic Kylie Sturgess joins Daniel and Ben in the studio on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

A device that will try to decode dog thoughts.

‘Far Side’ cartoon: What dogs really say.,+from+The+Far+Side+by+Gary+Larson.jpg

Kylie Sturgess: Token Skeptic

Token Skeptic blog

The AVN changes its name to include ‘skeptic’

Here are some of their tactics.

Anti-vaxxers are bringing back diseases that were once under control.

How anti-vax is being challenged on many fronts in Australia (not just the business of skeptics!)

Here are some ideas for how to communicate climate change.

Here’s a plain-language guide to climate change

How to estimate the risk involved in climate change


Kylie’s interview on GM foods with Dr Ashley Ng

Skeptical Science: Rebutting climate change denialists’ arguments

Linguistically modified foods? How language shapes our perception of GMs.

“Fear and Politics” by Carmen Lawrence

The Rod Lambert’s interview mentioned near the end of the interview

Tape measure? How about a ‘roll of inches’?

Show tunes

‘Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine’ by the White Stripes
from the album Elephant

‘Do You Believe Her?’ by the Raveonettes
from the album Whip It On