Does climate affect language?

A linguist has found that tone languages appear in regions of high humidity. But the idea that human speech adapts to the environment is not a popular one. So what’s going on?

Daniel Midgley speaks with the author Caleb Everett on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

App That Aims To Make Books ‘Squeaky Clean’ Draws Ire From Edited Writers

Authors: end to censored versions of books is ‘victory for the world of dirt’

Clean Reader: The app that censors rude words from ebooks

Jennifer Porter: “My Clean Reader App Experience” Hilarious!

Some languages don’t have syllables: Larry Hyman on the universality of the syllable

The idea of syllables doesn’t work with some Native American languages
The Languages of Native North America
Salish Languages and Linguistics: Theoretical and Descriptive Perspectives

Linguists didn’t accept Everett’s first attempt on this theme. See “Ejectives, High Altitudes, and Grandiose Linguistic Hypotheses”

Everett pressed the point: “A return to ejectives at high altitude”,5

Long article with lots of background: “Correlational Studies in Typological and Historical Linguistics”

Everett’s new paper: “Climate, vocal folds, and tonal languages: Connecting the physiological and geographic dots”

Everett talks about the paper

Post in Replicated Typo: “Tone and Humidity”

Other linguists aren’t convinced. Here’s the interview with Ben Zimmer and Geoffrey Nunberg.

You can look at the data for tone in the World Atlas of Linguistic Structures. Lots of other data, too.

Sweden will make a gender-neutral pronoun official by adding it to the dictionary


About every dictionary in the world has ‘whale’ as one syllable.
Hey, look, Em: it’s even got “hwayl”.

The ‘prayer hands’ emoji changed in the latest iPhone update and people are freaking out

Emojipedia: Person With Folded Hands

Gawker: No, the Praying Hands Emoji Is Not a “High Five”

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