You won’t believe what it takes to make a good linguistic article!

Listicles, or list articles, can be interesting, amusing, and even informative. What goes into the creation of a good linguistic listicle? How can they change someone’s mind about language? And what’s in the future for science communication?

Linguist and writer Arika Okrent talks to Daniel and Kylie on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

What’s the Correct Pronunciation of February?

Adoptees advantaged by birth language memory

Infants Exposed to Languages Can Retain Them Later in Life

Early development of abstract language knowledge: evidence from perception–production transfer of birth-language memory

Learn a New Lingo While Doing Something Else

Maternal language shapes infants’ cry melodies

Arika Okrent on Mental Floss

12 Horrible Gobbledygook Words We Reluctantly Accepted

The Grammar Rules Behind 3 Commonly Disparaged Dialects

6 French and German Dialects That Are 100 Percent American

The listicle as literary form

Ben Zimmer: The rise of the shitgibbon

Linguists Have Been Discussing “Shit Gibbon.” I Argue It’s Not Entirely About Gibbons.

The orgin and constraints of “shitgibbon” compounds

Shitgibbon frequencies (by Daniel)

The Raised Fist Emoji Is Social Media’s Resistance Symbol

Links to “might as well” in Google Books
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May, Might, Muddle

“Tribune” (with commentary from Aven)

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