Episode 249: Big Big Mailbag

It’s time to return to our mailbag and answer some questions.

Is the translating earpiece a thing? Is thing a thing? What about New Zealand English? And is it sexist to say guys?

Linguist Daniel Midgley finds out on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Pilot Bluetooth earpiece crowdfunds the dream of universal, instant language translation

Could Two People Use Real-Time Translation to Fall in Love?

Ben Yagoda: I Guess ‘It’s a Thing’

Is That Even a Thing?

Language Log: When did “a thing” become a thing?

Proto-beat-poetry from 1900! It’s the latest thing!
Google Books link

New Zealand Accent Tip | Accents with Amy

Encyclopaedia of New Zealand: Story: Speech and accent

New Zealand English: “not an accent; it is a disease.”

#WordsAtWork: David Morrison wants Australians to stop saying gender-based terms like ‘guys’

Hey guys: Oxford, Macquarie dictionary experts say using ‘guys’ is not sexist

‘Gents’, ‘Fellas’, ‘Boys’ – How Language Is Telling Women They Don’t Belong

Hey You Guys, Does Being Called ‘You Guys’ Bother You?

Online Etymology Dictionary: guy

How a Country’s Land Shapes Its Language

Children can go through a silent period as a result of sudden exposure to a new language
Language, Culture, and Adaptation in Immigrant Children

What parents want to know about bilingualism

Etymologically Redundant Expressions

Redundant Phrases – Pleonasms

Why is digitize so often seen in British English? Here’s digitise and digitize from the British section of the Google Ngram Corpus.

And here’s acclimatis* and acclimatiz*.

Digitize (var)

Crosswords in other languages? Why, yes!

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1 Comment

  1. Ness Steadman

    9 June 2016 at 4:09 pm

    You are not smart people. Trying to sound smart does not make you smart. Thing is “a thing”. “Guy” is male, “guys” is plural for either sex or mixed groups. “ATM machine” and “3am in the morning” tell you the same thing twice. Telling stories about people brainstorming a play or the use of redundancies in the english language doesn’t make you smart when you don’t address the issue.

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