It’s time to look at the words that made the news last year.

Forget twerking, and stop taking selfies, because this year’s winner was truly momentous.

There’s even someone special to take us through it: Ben Zimmer of the American Dialect Society talks to our resident linguist Daniel Midgley on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Here are all the words:

Because was the clear winner.

Feel like sitting in on the voting? Here’s the video of all the shenanigans at the American Dialect Society.

Catch up with Ben Zimmer

Tyler Schnoebelen of Idibon determines the value of X for ‘because X’ tweets.

Twerk should be in the dictionary.

Selfie was huge, too.

The Selfie Olympics


Such doge. Wow.

The schmefix

The Internet K-Hole

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‘Cause = Time’ by Broken Social Scene
from the album You Forgot It in People

‘Do the Dog’ by the Specials
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