Can our furry friends understand what we’re saying?

Before the Talk the Talk team can say no (like every other time), a very special listener wants us to consider the case for animals and language.

Listener Monica speaks with Daniel, Ben, and Kylie on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

First Aboriginal female lower house MP Linda Burney’s moving maiden speech

Linda Burney (ALP-Barton) – Maiden Speech

Watch: Linda Burney includes Wiradjuri song as part of maiden speech

Ethnologue: Wiradhuri

Our Mother Tongue: Wiradjuri

The Australian National Dictionary

Do you know a Bunji from a Boorie? Meet our dictionary’s new Indigenous words

WA linguist welcomes Indigenous words in Australian National Dictionary

We compared the new words in the Australian and Oxford dictionaries, and now we don’t know if we’re Arthur or Martha

Dogs understand both vocabulary and intonation of human speech

Dogs Process Language Like Us, but What Do They Understand?

Dogs really do understand human language, study suggests

Neural mechanisms for lexical processing in dogs

Vagenda of manocide: our Facebook post


V of M: Card for Magic – the Gathering


‘Vagenda of Manocide’ URL Redirects to Hillary Clinton Campaign Site

How the ‘Vagenda of Manocide’ meme turned into a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Is Vagenda Of Manocide A Metal Band Yet?

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