Do you plank?

Have you ever taken part in a flash mob, or been rickrolled?

Even if you haven’t, you may have wondered how the names for these and other Internet-related crazes got started.

Well, UWA linguist Daniel Midgley is going to tell you anyway on this week’s Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Some info on ‘planking’

Wikipedia’s “planking” page, which claims an Australian origin

Beware: planking can be dangerous.

or at least risky

Epic plank in Perth:

Even strippers plank:

Also goes by the “lying down game”

French: A Plat Ventre

Origin of ‘plank’

A handy infographic on ‘rickrolling’

Track the usage of ‘flash mob’ in books for the last 200 years!
And check how it goes off the chart at 2003.

The new usage: Surrealist performance art

And the New York Times uses it in a brand new way: a spontaneous crowd.

Great flash mobs

Hammer Pants Dance –
Frozen Grand Central –
Perth Pillow Fight Club 2005 –
One of Jamie’s Mum –