Language change is all around us — even at department stores.

And it’s there that Linguist Daniel Midgley travelled to get in touch with a 50-year-old linguistic experiment that changed the world. And it all starts with a question: What’s on the fourth floor?

We find out on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Gwenno: Y Dydd Olaf — translations for all the tracks

Welsh history in the time of the Tudors

Welsh revitalisation

Welsh is considered a model for language revitalization, but its fate is still uncertain

How is the Welsh language being preserved in Patagonia?

Gambia to drop English as ‘colonial relic’

TIME: Why Pakistan Is Replacing English With Urdu

Christian Science Monitor: Why Pakistan is changing its official language from English to Urdu

Quora: Why is Urdu the national language of Pakistan?

Honda to use English as its official language (by 2020)

The article that started it all: The Social Stratification of (r) in New York City Department Stores (PDF)

Revisiting New York department stores — about Mather’s 1992 replication

Dialect Blog: How Non-Rhotic Accents Become Rhotic

John Tierney of the NYT did a mini-replication in 1995. Really good background.

i love english language: William Labov

William Labov discusses his career in sociolinguistics

Google Books: Introducing Sociolinguistics

What is jacklighting?

‘Cecil Bill’ May End Trophy Hunting In America

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into ‘A-hole’ Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion

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