It’s Oscars time, and the film about Alan Turing “The Imitation Game” is in contention for best picture.

But that’s not the only language movie out there — there are plenty of cinematic delights to quench your passion for linguistic film.

Linguist Daniel Midgley goes to the movies on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

¿Qué? Siri destroys Cortana and Google Now on language accuracy

Check out the Hedonometer

The Mathematicians Trying to Prove that Every Language Is Inherently Positive

The paper: Human language reveals a universal positivity bias


ScienceAlert: Spanish is the happiest language, Chinese the most balanced, new study reveals

ScienceMag: Spanish is the happiest language; Chinese, not so much

ABC Science: Language proves we’re all optimists at heart

USA Today: Spanish is the happiest language


The sunny side always looks up

The Poem That Passed the Turing Test

From the programmer’s blog

The Imitation Game (2014): is it history, drama or myth?

The coin toss scene from ‘No Country for Old Men’.

Roger Ebert reviews ‘Nell’.

And a similar film: The Wild Child

WATCH: The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982)

About Gregorio Cortez

More about The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

Windtalkers (2002)

Navajo Code Talkers

WATCH: Singin’ in the Rain (1952): “Moses Supposes”

WATCH: My Fair Lady (1964)

Here are even more linguistically significant films

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) quotes

And more:

Nut rage

Wikipedia: Nut rage incident

Desk rage

Lollipop rage

Word rage on Language Log

V for Vendetta speech’s-introductory-speech-and-remember-remember-poem/

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