Language learning is important. Loads of kids are taking languages other than English (or LOTE). Lots of people are teaching them.

But for all that, we’re just not learning them. So why not? Are we doing it wrong? Not starting early enough? Or is it the culture of language learning in English-speaking countries? More importantly, how do we fix it?

Language teacher Annie Demosthenous chats with Daniel, Ben, and Kylie on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

Negative campaign: Votes sought for most disliked English word

Oxford Dictionaries’ campaign to find most hated English word scrapped

Now we’ll never know what the English language’s least favourite word is

Offensive language ruins search for world’s worst word

#OneWordMap: mapping the world’s least favourite words
“Update: We regret to inform users that due to severe misuse we have had to remove this feature from our website.”

Part 1: Why LOTE is having trouble

Fewer students are taking languages

Schools are cutting back

It’s difficult to teach LOTE anyway, with students get 1 hour a week.

We don’t have a culture of language learning in English-speaking countries

What’s the big deal? Everyone speaks English

Part 2: How to fix it

Should we be getting students to speak their home language (if they have one), instead of making everyone choose Indonesian or French?

How about dual-language programmes?

How about language nests?

Just making language learning compulsory?

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