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341: What the F (featuring Benjamin Bergen)

What’s behind swearing?

If you’re looking at the brain, an awful lot. But how do we use swearing to navigate social relationships? And do all language have swears?

We’re talking to cognitive scientist Benjamin Bergen on this episode of Talk

340: Ethics in Big Data (featuring Hannah Rashkin and Maarten Sap)

Do you know where your data is?

Language researchers can learn a lot from publicly available internet data. But what are the ethical issues surrounding the collection and use of this information? What about data that comes from home assistants? …

337: Getting the Bias out of Data (featuring Rob Speer and Kai-Wei Chang)

People are biased. And computers learn from people.

That means our data is biased, and in a big data world, that can cause big problems.

But researchers are finding ways to turn down the bias in a dataset. We’re talking …

333: When Sapir Met Whorf (featuring Mikael Parkvall and Östen Dahl)

Would you think differently if you spoke a different language? And does the structure of your language have any perceptible effect on your behaviour?

We’re revisiting the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis. Is this an idea that’s coming in from the cold? …

330: Making Words for Miriwoong (featuring Knut Olawsky)

The Australian Aboriginal language of Mirawoong is being revitalised. But to do this, it needs more than speakers. It needs words.

How do you construct new words in a language? And how well are these words being accepted?

We’re talking …

329: Pokémonikers (featuring Stephanie Shih)

A conference on the linguistics of Pokémon? Is this for real?

It sure is. Looking at the names of Pokémon across different languages is showing linguists more about how language operates. And it could show us how children learn language …

327: How We Talk (featuring Nick Enfield and Simeon Floyd)

What is the meaning of um?

We make hesitation noises and tiny pauses in conversation all the time, but what’s the meaning behind them? And is it true that different cultures have different tolerances for silence?

We’re talking to …

324: Translanguaging (featuring Rhonda Oliver)

Standardised English is important, but how do we encourage students with diverse language backgrounds?

One answer is translanguaging, and it’s supposed to be a step above code-switching. But what does it look like in class?

Daniel, Ben, …

320: Love Your Larynx (featuring Thila Raja)

Are you looking after your larynx?

Your voice is your ability to speak, and for a lot of people, it’s how we earn a living. So it’s important to look after your vocal health. And with World Voice Day coming …

319: The Prodigal Tongue (featuring Lynne Murphy)

British and American English have always had a love-hate relationship.

British people (and Australians) often blame Americans for somehow tarnishing the language, and they fret about creeping Americanism. But people are terrible at identifying what the Americanisms actually are. How …

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