It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for our Word of the Year round-up.

What words tripped on our tongues, tickled our ears, and zeited our geist in 2014?

Linguist Daniel Midgley can’t even on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

What about Words of the Year in other languages?


Oxford Junior Dictionary’s replacement of ‘natural’ words with 21st-century terms sparks outcry

Margaret Atwood Protests Removal of Nature Words From Oxford Junior Dictionary

Removal Of Nature Words From Children’s Dictionary Sparks Outrage

I think they’re engaging in the Appeal to Nature fallacy

Other fallacies on the PBS Idea Channel

Your logical fallacy is…

Daniel Dennett on how to argue well

Alan Metcalfe announces the WotY voting in the Chronicle of Higher Education

The hashtag was #woty14

The nominations

Die-in looked like a favourite, and it didn’t even make the list.

NYT: At the Super Bowl of Linguistics, May the Best Word Win

The winners!

I Can’t Even

The Baest Bae to Ever Bae: Bae Isn’t Just a Noun Anymore

Ben Zimmer, on ‘salty’


Ophelia Benson: Subway manspreaders told to close their legs

How Not to Be ‘Manterrupted’ in Meetings

Having “the Talk” #blacklivesmatter

Was the ADS vote too American for you? Voting is still open for the Macquarie Word of the Year.

List of Words of the Year

Nancy Friedman

Guardian writers

Grant Barrett, Dallas Morning News

My picks:


The original sea lion strip from Wondermark


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