The Talk the Talk team takes the stage in a special live episode at the Disrupted Festival.

The Yawuru language of Western Australia has been going dormant, but many courageous teachers are bringing it back for a new generation. Is it working? What is it to learn and teach one’s traditional language? And what is the Yawuru language like?

Daniel, Ben, and Kylie are joined by our special guest Dalisa Pigram on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Episode 295: Yawuru (featuring Dalisa Pigram)

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Show notes

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Wikipedia: Yawuru language

Check This Out!–Yawuru Ngan-Ga Language App For iPhone & Android – Yawuru

Yawuru ngan-ga language app

Yawuru Ngan-ga: A phrasebook of the Yawuru Language

Komei Hokosawa: “My face am burning!”: quasi-passive, body parts, and related issues in Yawuru grammar and cultural concepts
Google Books link

Ethnologue: Yawuru

Slides for the language lesson

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