Hey, everyone.

Starting in 2015, there’s going to be a new, bigger, better Talk the Talk with Daniel and Ben! Here are the changes:

  • Talk the Talk will be a full hour. That’s right — instead of trying to squash everything into the confines of a half-hour show, Talk the Talk will be longer and more expansive, with more time for discussion, investigation, and fun. And more music! Which reminds me:
  • Podcasts will now include the tunes. We’ve had so many requests for this, so we’re glad that our new copyright strategy allows for it. More great tracks, chosen by Daniel and Ben.
  • You can contact us during the show! When we went to a pre-recorded format, we lost a little of the communication with the audience. But now, since we’re going back to a partly live format, we’re getting it back. You can get in touch with me and Em Burrows (who’ll be helping me out) during the show, and ask questions, share your experience, and maybe set us straight. Get in touch with us at showtime, no matter where you are in the world.

And don’t forget: the new showtime is Tuesday at 11:00 am, Perth time (GMT+8).

Here’s me talking about it with Em this morning. See you soon!