Does Bigfoot use language?

Can your brain understand a message if it’s backwards?

We don’t always understand how language works, so it’s natural that myths and legends about language should arise. Now a new book “Language Myths, Mysteries, and Magic” examines them.

Daniel Midgley talks with author, linguist, and skeptic Karen Stollznow on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Show notes

A U Kansas linguist has been approached to help with switching the Kazakh writing system to Latin script

Kazakh is spoken in Kazakhstan (of course)

It has about 11 million speakers

It’s had a number of writing systems over the years

But it might soon be joining the 70% of languages that use the Latin writing system.

Linguist, skeptic, and author Karen Stollznow

Language Myths, Mysteries, and Magic is out now from Palgrave Macmillan

OMG Ben was right. It’s grotesque.
Totally going to do this though.

Yes, employers still use graphology as a way of finding out about the personality of potential applicants. Think about that: you could be knocked out of the running for a job, based on thoroughly discredited pseudoscience.

Graphologists do no better than random chance at predicting personality traits.

What do you call a word you mispronounce because you’ve only read it? An onlyreaditism? A persephone? How about a calliope?

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